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Indiana Veterans Home 
The Indiana Veterans’ Home (State Soldiers’ Home) opened in 1896 to veterans and their spouses. The veteran did not have to serve in an Indiana regiment to be admitted to the home. The Archives maintains more than 10,000 files for individuals in the home between 1896-1964. These packets frequently contain applications, family information, and burial and death notices. Patrons should contact the Archives at arc@icpr.in.gov to inquire about fees for copies of resident packets.  
This is a demonstration project initiated by the Library of Congress involving multiple partner states and administered by the Washington State Archives. The Indiana Digital Archives is the result of nearly two decades of indexing projects undertaken by Friends of the Indiana Archives volunteers. Some of the record series contained herein will offer all the information available. Other titles will serve as an index. Patrons may contact the Indiana State Archives to order additional material as described in the introductions. Visit us at www.in.gov/icpr and www.indianadigitalarchives.org for more information. Feel free to email us at arc@icpr.in.gov if you do not find what you need.