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Department of Correction- Women’s Prison 1873-1969  
The Indiana Women’s Prison opened in Indianapolis on October 8, 1873. The first seventeen inmates were brought from the State Prison South at Jeffersonville, where they had been housed in a separate wing from male inmates. Known initially as the Indiana Reformatory Institution for Women and Girls, the name changed in 1889 to the Reform School for Girls and Woman’s Prison. Ten years later the two departments were separated into the Industrial School for Girls and the Indiana Woman’s Prison. In 1907 juvenile female offenders were moved to the newly opened Indiana Girls’ School at Clermont and its space occupied by the Correctional Department of the Indiana Women’s Prison (IWP). To this department were committed women misdemeanants over the age of eighteen. The Women’s Prison proper received women over eighteen convicted of a felony.

This database contains approximately 19,500 names of women committed to the Indiana Women’s Prison between 1873 and 1969. It was compiled from inmate record books kept by the IWP. Information entered in this database includes the prisoner’s name, race, county of conviction, crime, term of sentence and/or fine, sentence date, and the date(s) of discharge, parole, pardon, or death. When applicable, the notes field includes information on transfers to other institutions, aliases, maiden/married names, escapes, and previous convictions or paroles.

The inmate record books also contain family history and other information not included in this database because of space limitations. Additionally, there are admission cards, commitment papers, occasional photographs, and other records for some prisoners. Researchers should contact the Indiana State Archives at arc@icpr.in.gov to learn what records are available on an inmate and to order reproductions of documents.
This is a demonstration project initiated by the Library of Congress involving multiple partner states and administered by the Washington State Archives. The Indiana Digital Archives is the result of nearly two decades of indexing projects undertaken by Friends of the Indiana Archives volunteers. Some of the record series contained herein will offer all the information available. Other titles will serve as an index. Patrons may contact the Indiana State Archives to order additional material as described in the introductions. Visit us at www.in.gov/icpr and www.indianadigitalarchives.org for more information. Feel free to email us at arc@icpr.in.gov if you do not find what you need.


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