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A Record Series is composed of similar records arranged in a consistent pattern within which each of the records has its proper place. The organization may be simple alphabetical, numerical, or chronological or as complex, as, for example, annual reports arranged first by years, then by counties, and then by agencies within counties. There will occasionally be a series made up of only one organizational unit.

There will also be cases where no discernible pattern seems to exist for certain groupings of records although a subject or transaction relationship is obvious. Often one really has just an accumulation of documents relating to some matter because, the business unit did not organize their arrangement. These accumulations can hardly be called 'series' in the strict sense of the word, but are treated as such due to the necessity of keeping them together.

Available Collections

Listed below are all of the record series currently searchable on-line at the Washington State Digital Archives. To view the record sets contained within each record series, click on the record series name. For more detailed information on the record series or the individual record sets, click on the record title.